Dienstag, 29. November 2016

I didn´t choose the Raglan life, the Raglan life chose me!

26th November 2016

After looking for my car keys over an hour I finally found them on the field of the camp ground. Lucky me!

Meanwhile I´m feeling almost like a local in Raglan. Walking through the streets and knowing nearly everybody is such a great feeling.

I left the backpackers almost a week ago and moved to the sruf&turf ranch. Every morning I did the stables and prepaired the garden for planting. On tuesday we went for a horse ride to the beach. Normally I´m the happiest person ever when I´m sitting on a horse, riding at the beach and the wind is blowing through my hair. Not this time.I just sat bored on my horse looked jealous to the surfers in the water. Really confusing!

Dinner at the surf&turf ranch

On thursday after doing the stables I noticed a slight pain in my neck when I watched to the right side. Felt like a trapped nerv. Nevertheless I went for work at the motel. After a few minutes I had camrps in my neck every 10 minutes.  The tears came into my eyes everytime. I went to the medial centre after finished work but the physiotherapist wasn´t there for the whole week. I´ve got an appointment at the osteopath next day 6pm. Because I couldn´t driver anymore I had to check in at the backpackers again. What a shame! ;-)

As Tim, the owner of the backpackers, saw me, he directly ordered me to the hot tub and gave me a massage. At least the cramps stopped after that. Even the osteopath did a really good job. But now, after a week, I still can´t look to the right side complete. I have another appointment tomorrow. Nevertheless I could finally went for a surf yesterday and had soooo much fun. Furthermore I´m staying at the camp ground since sunday with some awesome guys I met already at Cape Reinga and the backpackers. Every night we were sitting under a starry sky, having a fire and drinking a lot of beers. Having a lot of best days ever.

Imagine you spend the whole day at the beach together with amazing, lovely people, drinking beer, eating burger and getting tanned.
Best day ever!!
After more than 4 stunning weeks it´s time to leave Raglan on monday. I´m going to have an amazing last night at the Yot Club tonight and just spending my time with all my great Raglan friends.

It feels really hard to leave Raglan. Why you should leave a place you love that much? I have to see so much more of the Northisland and my job at the motel really bored my anyway, so I quit already. When the wheather is good Lena and me going to do the Tongario Crossing on monday. Otherwise we´ll drive to the east coast, catching some waves!

To be honest I booked already the Raglan backpacker for the christmas days. I have no idea where I´m going to spend new years eve but at least for xmas I want to be at an amazing place with lovely people. And I know I´ll get this in Raglan. I´m just feeling blessed to found this place so early after arriving in New Zealing. Times like this are exactly the reason why I´m doing this adventure. I have no regrets and just enjoy every day by themselves.

I woke up like this

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