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When I almost died

3rd December 2016
Waihau Bay

When I´ve got the message "happy first advent" I was totally shocked. Already December! I don´t have any xmas feelings and to be honest, this is one of the best feeling ever. The most of you know that I don´t like xmas. But this year is going to be amazing.

Together with Flora, a friend of Lena, and Sam, a friend on mine from Raglan, I left Raglan. After we arrived in Tauranga/Mt. Maunganui we just looked to each other and said: "We should turn around and drive back to Raglan!" But we´re all open minded people so we stayed for one one night and climbed to the Mt. Maunganui on the next day.

The view was really nice but to be honest, this shouldn´t be on your "New-Zealand-to-do-list". Maybe you just shouldn´t come directly from Raglan ;-)
It was really weird beeing in a "real" city, having christmas decoration and christmas songs everywhere. 

Girls Roadtrip!
Because Sam had to work on Wednesday he hitchhiked back, Lena came to us after her Roadtrip with Austin and we left Tauranga as soon as possible.

In Rotorua we spent one night and one powerful day. We visited the Okere Falls. There is a really nice bush walk with some waterfalls. Anytime it´s so damn impressive when you are on a street and one minute later there are just trees and rivers around you. It always feels like you are in the jungle.

Just when we came to the last waterfall I discovered this rope, hanging from a tree next to the waterfall to jump in this crazy water. Immediately I knew that I want to jump in this water. It tooks some minutes but finally I could sway Lena to jump with me. Although the circumstances were not the best (no bikini, no towel, stones?, cold) we ignored the danger sign, which underwater current is mentioned. Why should there be this rope if it´s not possible to jump? 
Checking out if it´s possible to grab the rope
Therefore I dared at first. I emerged already to close to the rock and struggled some seconds under water. It was the most scary moment in my life, when I was approximately one metre under water and looked through the crystal clear green water, up to the sky and had no idea how I should get to the surface. I emerged a lot of times before I disappeared again and again. Likewise for Lena it was frightened and she felt very helpless because she couldn´t do anything. At the end it sounds more horrible as it was and nevertheless it was a lot of fun but believe me: I will never jump again in a water, where nobody jumps directly before me. Especially not when there is a danger sign. 
You could think this is enough for one day but we had more plans. We drove to the Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland which is woth every cents (32,50$). It looks so insane that you ever have to remind yourself that this is natural and not artificial. Spectacular and absolutely breathtaking!


As if this is not enough for one day I made a call and got a fruit thinning job for us three. But this is not the best! I applied one day ago at a woofing spot in Raglan from the 15th to 22nd December just for some private gardening works and got the confirmation this morning. I´ll be back in Raglan in only two weeks! I probably was the happiest and most blessed person ever on this crazy day!

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