Donnerstag, 15. Dezember 2016

One week in prison

5th December
Waihau Bay

How Lena describes our current working place (prison):

1. problem: Toilet flush isn't working. The water has to get out of a tank with a huge canister.
2. problem: Pum of the tank isn't working.
3. problem: Cold shower (if we have water, see problem no. 2).
4. problem: No power.
5. problem: No phone signal (doesn't matter because no power).
6. problem: We shouldn't work for Indians. Bhalla (our boss) is an Indian.
7. problem: Kitchen is in the bedroom of the Indians -> no coffee in the morning.
8. problem: Not enough food. .Supermarket is two hours away.
9. problem: We're working 10 hours a day, the supermarket closed already when we're off.
10. problem: We have no alcohol.

kiwi thinning

In the meantime I'm finally back in Raglan and have my beloved life back.

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