Dienstag, 29. August 2017

Canada´s calling!

22nd August
New Zealand - Canada

Here I am. In the plane, above the clouds, an hour away from Vancouver, Canada, waiting for my next adventure.
There is so much more to discover, more people to meet, new things to learn. I´m inquisitive, I´m curious, I´m adventurous, I´m enthusiastic. Keen for new roadtrips, new hikes, new places.

And finally my blog link makes sense again :-)

Leaving New Zealand wasn´t as difficult as I expected. Knowing that I´ll be back in less than six month has made it pretty easy. Though it acutally feels like I´m going on a holiday. A holiday from NZ to Canada. A holiday from home to another country. Life is great!

24th August
Ferry Vancouver - Vancouver Island

I couldn´t have asked for a better start in Canada. Allis, my Raglan sisters, mom picked me up from the airport. Such a kind, warm hearted, caring woman!

It was hot as, so we bought a Starbucks coffee and went for a little beach walk. Rosalind and Allis dad Brian took me out for dinner later. Sushi. I haven´t had suhsi for ages! Furthermore we bought heaps of fresh fruits, which I couldn´t effort during my travels in NZ. I was in heaven!

I didn´t even gave my body the chance to get a jet lag. We got up early on the next day and went for a hike with Rosalinds friend Nancy. 5 1/2 hours hiking up the hill, passing beautiful lakes and enjoying lunchtime with my friend the cheeky chipmunk. What a great day!

This morning Rosalind brought me to the ferry. She provided me with food and other bits and pieces. Such a mom :-))
With the offer to come back before I´m heading back to Germany, I hugged her and walked to the ferry.

Tofino is calling. Tomorrow I´ll stand on a surfboard and going to catch up with a friend I´ve met in Raglan. That´s gonna be a blast I can´t wait for 🌊🌊🌊

Samstag, 26. August 2017

My Raglan farewell

5th August

Back in Raglan, having the most beautiful winter day ever, just feels right.

Puppywalk with little Ocean
It´s like my soul feels grounded here, my mind opens, my heart calms down and my smile rises.
Everyone´s asking me about Rarotonga. It seems ages ago. The last weeks I literally saved money for Canada. I woofed in the Arrowtown Lodge, a lovely family owned bed&breakfast, and worked in a pizza restaurant. Now I´m a master in rolling the pizza dough 😉

Three weeks ago I´ve moved to Okato, which is on the surf highway, 20 minutes away from New Plymouth. I took care of the adorable Ella and had such a good time with her and her parents Emilie and Francois. 
Mt. Taranaki
Besides I´m working in the Stony River Hotel, which is owned by a couple from Austria. It reminds me of my grandparents restaurant.
It sounds like a lot of work but because of the winter season I couldn´t get enough shifts. So living in Canada, without the opportunity of getting a job, will still gonna be a mission.
The farewell to Ella, Emilie and Francois didn´t feels like a real farewell though. I´ll be back in January anyway. Just because it is what I want. Back to New Zealand. Back to Okato. Back to Raglan.
When my friend Seth and I wanted to leave Raglan, I called Seth to tell him that I´m going to be a bit late (distracted by too many people at the Raglan Roast). His answer? No, no worries! Just come to the Backpackers, we´re going on a boat!” Totally confused I went back to the Backpackers. Seth and 3 other friends, we´ve only met this weekend, were already waiting on the car park. With them: A boat and heaps of beer. I love Raglan! And so did my last time in Raglan 2017 end. With amazing people on a boat during sunset and a jump into the hot tub after. 
I didn’t choose the Raglan life, the Raglan life chose me.
21st August

~ When Raglan is meant to be...
...you try to get a ride from Okato to Auckland
...the only offer you get is driving to Hamilton (30 min. away from Raglan)
...a lovely couple is just texting you for a woofing place in Raglan in January and offers you to stay for a night before flighing to Canada
...the day you come back to Raglan for the very last time this year has 20 degrees
...you met randomly a good friend in his lunch break
...the best barista is working that day in the Raglan Roast
...you hitchhike and get a ride from Rags to Auckland to your hostel in once


Montag, 5. Juni 2017

Between mountains and the ocean

21st of May 2017

The first of my two weeks in Rarotonga already elapsed.
Opposite to what I expected I'm not just laying on the beach. Raro offers me heaps to do. Admittedly here's no actual surf instead the island presents me stunning mountains, which are looking like they filmed parts of the lion kind out here. Not that they're just looking magnificent, they presents me some spectacular hikes as well. My new local friends picked me up in the late morning, six of us did the hike together and ended it with a jump from a waterfall into the refreshing water. During the hike though, my face felt like it'll literally melt. Hiking in the tropics - definitely a tough affair!

Special thanks to my lovely friend Stelle, who organized the day and just being a great character XX

I believe we're here once
and what we do matters.
What do you believe?

22nd of May 2017

When I left Germany, I was sure I'm afraid of the ocean. Sharks are really rarely at home, though I was always looking for them when I went for a swim in the north or baltic sea. But when I went for my first surf ever I didn't even think about sharks.

Then I went scuba diving!

Actually my biggest concern was the air pressure in my ears. But once in the water I was just amazed by all those coloured fhishes and how brave I was. I really impressed myself and fuckin' loved diving.

Later on that day I had this big argument with the hostel about not being allowed ANYMORE to use the washing mashine, because someone screwed it the day before. Even if I'm paying only 16$ a night - I'm here for 12 nights and need to do my laundry on one point. And that point is right now. I argued that they can't advertise it on their webpage and then change the rules. Instead of admitting it, they sent me to a laundromat - while it was raining af, 15 minutes away and 6$ per load. No fucking way!
Hungry as I was, I got really upset and pissed off about it.

Whilest I cooked some lunch, listened to music and soothed myself, I observed that I haven't been angry for a loooong time. Furthermore I noticed how often I had been upset in the past - before travelling.

Again I'm glad I decided to go travelling all these amazing, different countries with their great, open minded and relaxed mentality. I have noticed how much I like the person I have become. I remained calm and relaxed without losing my active, bubbly nature. 

Travelling is enhancing me, growing me, making me into a better person. And up to now I can't imagine that I ever wanna stop travelling.
I'm a slow walker, but I never walk back.