Mittwoch, 3. Januar 2018

A trip to the unknown

3rd of January 2018
Somewhere on the plane

"What are your plans"?, "what are your hopes?", what are you going to do after?", they asked.
To be honest, I´ve got heaps of ideas. But a proper plan? No, thanks!

When your travelling as often as I do and leaving home a lot of times, you can´t expect that everytime all of your friends are bringing you to the airport (although I know they would have, if I was flying from Hamburg). But when I opened the green envelope on the plane, one of my oldest friends put in my bag on New Years, and read the sentence: "Sometimes I wish I would have some more of the Pippi Langstrumpf-style like you´ve got." I knew, I´m doing it right. 

In 7 hours I´ll be in Auckland and got no plan where to go first. I didn´t book a bus or either a hostel. The only thing I know is, that I´m gonna buy a car in two days in Auckland. I feel like I can do everything, go wherever I want to. And that is also scaring me a wee bit.

I might crush on a couch of a friend of mine, I´ve met on the Cook Islands. She´s living in Auckland. Or I´m going to hitchhike to Raglan. Or I meet someone during hitchhiking, who offers me to stay, like it happened already a few times before. Who knows? It´s adventure time!

Some seagulls are born to be migratory birds!

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