Donnerstag, 29. Dezember 2016

The Raglan Effect

It takes me already a few weeks to think about how I could explain why I feel so addicted to this amazing small village. When I arrived in Raglan for the first time I thought "That looks nice". 'Nice'..not really an expressive word, but the basis existed immediately.

I have been walked through the Main Road sometimes alone, sometimes with friends but most of the time with a coffee in the hand and felt just so complete. I noticed more then often that Raglan is only full of beautiful, hot people. I swear, Raglan has sexy vibes!

There are all these small stores where you can buy so many surf and beach things, all this pretty bohemian jewellery or just mint chocolate and rum raising ice cream. In the Ralgan Roast you can get the best mocha ever and in the Habour View Hotel the cheapest Gin Tonic. Everyone you meet in the week you'll find in the Yot Club on Saturday where a band is playing rock music or reggae. On the Sunday Session, again in the Yot Club, you'll talk about the crazy last night while you realize that this Sunday Session is gonne be the best night in your life. Every week again.

If you like it fruity you should try the frozen yoghurt at the Blind Tiger, if you like fish'n'chips go to the Wharf. Take the kayak and paddle to the pancake rocks, jump from the bridge between Backpackers and the skatepark, but only when it's high tide!, and go surfing as often as you can. Dance out your "Raglan problems" and just feel Raglan, live Raglan.

When I falling asleep in my car, it doesn't matter if on the carpark at the Backpackers or on the camp ground, I just feel blessed about this perfect life I can live here in Raglan. Even when I'm walking alone through Raglan, I never feel lonely. And when you are driving into Raglan, over the hill, looking down to this perfect place, coming home from a long surfday, your hair is curly and your eyes are burning because of the salt water and you know in 10 minutes you're going to take your surfboard off your own car and hang aroung with your friends and drinking beer in the hot tub, by then you'll feel Raglan and say "Best day ever!"

Raglan is a feeling, there is a vibe, a special spirit

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