Montag, 23. Januar 2017

Review Raglan and current stay Orepuki

When I heard my brother's song "All The Things" for the first time, I immediately had all those Raglan memories in my head. Inspired by his words, all my videos fit together like a puzzle to a perfect Raglan day. "Best day ever. Everyday".
Please click "Raglan 2016" and enjoy some minutes of a perfect life! :)

Raglan 2016

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19th January 2017

After travelling together with my parents for 12 days, they dropped me off in Orepuki. Mom and Dad arrived on the 4th of January in Christchurch. After a few days in Chch we have driven through the Arthurs Pass and along down the westcoast of the south island. Unfortunately the weather was a big mess almost every day. I really hoping for them they'll see the sun more often on the north island.

It's have been only 12 days but we've seen more together than some children with their parents in their whole life. Glaciers, waterfalls and incredible mountains. Thank you for taking the time, stop working, come all the way to New Zealand and discover the world together with me! I love you!

My highlight in this time was definitely my skydive in Wanaka. I really enjoyed every second of it and wasn't nervous at all, just super excited.

Now I'm living with the Menpes family in Orepuki for at leat three weeks. They own a huge sheep farm, having two gorgeous kids and doing horse treks with guests. It's pretty nice to settle down for a little while, having a bedroom for myself, a real bed (not just a mattress in the car ;)) and delicious meals. I feel very welcome here in the middle of nowhere :)

Doggie Su

Beach ride with Amir

Farm ride


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