Dienstag, 29. August 2017

Canada´s calling!

22nd August
New Zealand - Canada

Here I am. In the plane, above the clouds, an hour away from Vancouver, Canada, waiting for my next adventure.
There is so much more to discover, more people to meet, new things to learn. I´m inquisitive, I´m curious, I´m adventurous, I´m enthusiastic. Keen for new roadtrips, new hikes, new places.

And finally my blog link makes sense again :-)

Leaving New Zealand wasn´t as difficult as I expected. Knowing that I´ll be back in less than six month has made it pretty easy. Though it acutally feels like I´m going on a holiday. A holiday from NZ to Canada. A holiday from home to another country. Life is great!

24th August
Ferry Vancouver - Vancouver Island

I couldn´t have asked for a better start in Canada. Allis, my Raglan sisters, mom picked me up from the airport. Such a kind, warm hearted, caring woman!

It was hot as, so we bought a Starbucks coffee and went for a little beach walk. Rosalind and Allis dad Brian took me out for dinner later. Sushi. I haven´t had suhsi for ages! Furthermore we bought heaps of fresh fruits, which I couldn´t effort during my travels in NZ. I was in heaven!

I didn´t even gave my body the chance to get a jet lag. We got up early on the next day and went for a hike with Rosalinds friend Nancy. 5 1/2 hours hiking up the hill, passing beautiful lakes and enjoying lunchtime with my friend the cheeky chipmunk. What a great day!

This morning Rosalind brought me to the ferry. She provided me with food and other bits and pieces. Such a mom :-))
With the offer to come back before I´m heading back to Germany, I hugged her and walked to the ferry.

Tofino is calling. Tomorrow I´ll stand on a surfboard and going to catch up with a friend I´ve met in Raglan. That´s gonna be a blast I can´t wait for 🌊🌊🌊

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