Samstag, 26. August 2017

My Raglan farewell

5th August

Back in Raglan, having the most beautiful winter day ever, just feels right.

Puppywalk with little Ocean
It´s like my soul feels grounded here, my mind opens, my heart calms down and my smile rises.
Everyone´s asking me about Rarotonga. It seems ages ago. The last weeks I literally saved money for Canada. I woofed in the Arrowtown Lodge, a lovely family owned bed&breakfast, and worked in a pizza restaurant. Now I´m a master in rolling the pizza dough 😉

Three weeks ago I´ve moved to Okato, which is on the surf highway, 20 minutes away from New Plymouth. I took care of the adorable Ella and had such a good time with her and her parents Emilie and Francois. 
Mt. Taranaki
Besides I´m working in the Stony River Hotel, which is owned by a couple from Austria. It reminds me of my grandparents restaurant.
It sounds like a lot of work but because of the winter season I couldn´t get enough shifts. So living in Canada, without the opportunity of getting a job, will still gonna be a mission.
The farewell to Ella, Emilie and Francois didn´t feels like a real farewell though. I´ll be back in January anyway. Just because it is what I want. Back to New Zealand. Back to Okato. Back to Raglan.
When my friend Seth and I wanted to leave Raglan, I called Seth to tell him that I´m going to be a bit late (distracted by too many people at the Raglan Roast). His answer? No, no worries! Just come to the Backpackers, we´re going on a boat!” Totally confused I went back to the Backpackers. Seth and 3 other friends, we´ve only met this weekend, were already waiting on the car park. With them: A boat and heaps of beer. I love Raglan! And so did my last time in Raglan 2017 end. With amazing people on a boat during sunset and a jump into the hot tub after. 
I didn’t choose the Raglan life, the Raglan life chose me.
21st August

~ When Raglan is meant to be...
...you try to get a ride from Okato to Auckland
...the only offer you get is driving to Hamilton (30 min. away from Raglan)
...a lovely couple is just texting you for a woofing place in Raglan in January and offers you to stay for a night before flighing to Canada
...the day you come back to Raglan for the very last time this year has 20 degrees
...you met randomly a good friend in his lunch break
...the best barista is working that day in the Raglan Roast
...you hitchhike and get a ride from Rags to Auckland to your hostel in once


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