Montag, 15. Januar 2018

Back home

14th of January

Two days ago I came back to lovely Raglan. With a big hug Claire and Chris welcomed me back in their special, wonderful home. After a long chat about what happened, I moved into my room. That´s for sure the most beautiful place I´ve ever lived. The living room is more looking like its own museum with all its plants and books and art. In my room I have a double bed, a huge mirror, a closet (it´s always a great feeling when I can unpack my backpack), a desk and the best: My own side door to the terrace with the most stunning view. It´s been only two nights but the sunset completely floored me every evening. That´s probably gonna be a new routine - jumping out of the bed and taking a picture of another breathtaking sunset.
The house is u-shaped and has an awesome (vegetable) garden (I´m supposed to keep alive ;-)) in the middle and around the house. The next neighbour lives probably 1 kilometer away. Claire is a great chef and Chris shows me patiently everything what needs to be done. Also they travelled a lot and have great stories to tell.

15th of January
Yesterday I finally made it to town. Although I left NZ more than 6 month ago, I bumped into about 7 people I still know from last time. Everyone get stuck in perfect, little Raglan! I had a coffee at the Raglan Roast, wandered through town and found it quite changed. The Raglan Roast expanded, the RipCurl shut, the Surf Emporium moved. When I was about to leave town, a friend called me and asked for having coffee. Sure thing! We met at the Raglan West, where it´s a little less touristy and I smashed him in backgammon.
I have to admit, that I´m pretty happy about living 10 minutes out of Raglan, as it´s really crowded currently.
In the evening I went to the Sunday sesh. I was used to go there every Sunday but being sober in the yottie and especially without the people I ususally went, it was a bit awkward.
Fascinated I determine the special type of people, who is getting stuck in Raglan. I saw a bunch of people I thought I knew from last year, even though I know they left New Zealand already. Pretty much all the boys having long, blonde, not really groomed hair (it´s like they try to get dreadlooks in a natural way), bright blue eyes and mostly wearing a cap. Everyone wears a t-shirt with a Raglan print anyway. If they are not blonde but brunette, usually they have a pretty neglected, too long beard.
Most of the girls are very pretty and the typical skater/surfer girl. Quite a few piercings and tattoos, wearing a ragged, blue high waist jeans and if not a Raglan t-shirt, then just a bra (what I don´t comprehend). Apart the bra thing I guess I still fit in quite well - even my hair isn´t blonde enough and my eyes aren´t blue enough but green.
Though I gazed to the dancing people and find them all pretty beautiful.

16th of January
After Sunday was filled with too many people I decided to stay at home yesterday and today. With a friend I just went to a water whole for a swim and a game of backgammon. This time he won. A refreshment and a sunburn later, he drove me home and I did, apart of a little yoga session, absolutely nothing.

I have another appoinment at the osteopath tomorrow, because my neck is still screwed. hopefully I´ll be able to finally jump on a board again end of the week. Fingers crossed!

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