Montag, 15. Januar 2018

Back home

14th of January

Two days ago I came back to lovely Raglan. With a big hug Claire and Chris welcomed me back in their special, wonderful home. After a long chat about what happened, I moved into my room. That´s for sure the most beautiful place I´ve ever lived. The living room is more looking like its own museum with all its plants and books and art. In my room I have a double bed, a huge mirror, a closet (it´s always a great feeling when I can unpack my backpack), a desk and the best: My own side door to the terrace with the most stunning view. It´s been only two nights but the sunset completely floored me every evening. That´s probably gonna be a new routine - jumping out of the bed and taking a picture of another breathtaking sunset.
The house is u-shaped and has an awesome (vegetable) garden (I´m supposed to keep alive ;-)) in the middle and around the house. The next neighbour lives probably 1 kilometer away. Claire is a great chef and Chris shows me patiently everything what needs to be done. Also they travelled a lot and have great stories to tell.

15th of January
Yesterday I finally made it to town. Although I left NZ more than 6 month ago, I bumped into about 7 people I still know from last time. Everyone get stuck in perfect, little Raglan! I had a coffee at the Raglan Roast, wandered through town and found it quite changed. The Raglan Roast expanded, the RipCurl shut, the Surf Emporium moved. When I was about to leave town, a friend called me and asked for having coffee. Sure thing! We met at the Raglan West, where it´s a little less touristy and I smashed him in backgammon.
I have to admit, that I´m pretty happy about living 10 minutes out of Raglan, as it´s really crowded currently.
In the evening I went to the Sunday sesh. I was used to go there every Sunday but being sober in the yottie and especially without the people I ususally went, it was a bit awkward.
Fascinated I determine the special type of people, who is getting stuck in Raglan. I saw a bunch of people I thought I knew from last year, even though I know they left New Zealand already. Pretty much all the boys having long, blonde, not really groomed hair (it´s like they try to get dreadlooks in a natural way), bright blue eyes and mostly wearing a cap. Everyone wears a t-shirt with a Raglan print anyway. If they are not blonde but brunette, usually they have a pretty neglected, too long beard.
Most of the girls are very pretty and the typical skater/surfer girl. Quite a few piercings and tattoos, wearing a ragged, blue high waist jeans and if not a Raglan t-shirt, then just a bra (what I don´t comprehend). Apart the bra thing I guess I still fit in quite well - even my hair isn´t blonde enough and my eyes aren´t blue enough but green.
Though I gazed to the dancing people and find them all pretty beautiful.

16th of January
After Sunday was filled with too many people I decided to stay at home yesterday and today. With a friend I just went to a water whole for a swim and a game of backgammon. This time he won. A refreshment and a sunburn later, he drove me home and I did, apart of a little yoga session, absolutely nothing.

I have another appoinment at the osteopath tomorrow, because my neck is still screwed. hopefully I´ll be able to finally jump on a board again end of the week. Fingers crossed!

Montag, 8. Januar 2018


7th of January
Three sisters - Taranaki

After months I finally found a new partner in crime, someone who carries me on his back and who is driving all the up and downs with me. Furthermore, he came with a lot of great gear into my life. Especially the big bed and the two surfboards convinced me to love him. It's the beginning of a new love story. Please welcome: Charles

The trip started towards New Plymouth. On a camp ground for only 6$, we spent our first night together. Very classy ;-)
With 235.500 km he had already a few relationships before, so we'll see how long it lasts.

8th of January

I first catched up with my friend Seth, I know from my time au pairing in Okato. It's kind of a weird feeling being back, but at the same time it feels like I've never left (also that's what he said). One part of me feels like I went for a two-week-holiday back to Germany, another part feels like I'll be only back in New Zealand for a two-week-holiday. However it feels a lot like coming home.

Right now, I'm holding a coffee in my hand and sitting on the beach between Mt. Taranaki and the ocean. It's 10am in the morning, I was invited for breakfast and it's already 21 degrees. I couldn't ask for more. 

Later on I went for a hike with Seth's flatmate Ilana. Though it was a bit cloudy, sometimes we saw Mt. Taranaki coming through. We cooled down in the icy water between the rocks and enjoyed ourselves. In the evening Seth and I went for dinner to his parents and ate delicious fish tacos. 
For the sunset we went for a beach walk.
Such an amazing day! :-)

Mittwoch, 3. Januar 2018

A trip to the unknown

3rd of January 2018
Somewhere on the plane

"What are your plans"?, "what are your hopes?", what are you going to do after?", they asked.
To be honest, I´ve got heaps of ideas. But a proper plan? No, thanks!

When your travelling as often as I do and leaving home a lot of times, you can´t expect that everytime all of your friends are bringing you to the airport (although I know they would have, if I was flying from Hamburg). But when I opened the green envelope on the plane, one of my oldest friends put in my bag on New Years, and read the sentence: "Sometimes I wish I would have some more of the Pippi Langstrumpf-style like you´ve got." I knew, I´m doing it right. 

In 7 hours I´ll be in Auckland and got no plan where to go first. I didn´t book a bus or either a hostel. The only thing I know is, that I´m gonna buy a car in two days in Auckland. I feel like I can do everything, go wherever I want to. And that is also scaring me a wee bit.

I might crush on a couch of a friend of mine, I´ve met on the Cook Islands. She´s living in Auckland. Or I´m going to hitchhike to Raglan. Or I meet someone during hitchhiking, who offers me to stay, like it happened already a few times before. Who knows? It´s adventure time!

Some seagulls are born to be migratory birds!