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The isolation caught me

16th of May 2017
Rarotonga, Cook Islands

After I have spent four amazing Raglan days with my wonderful and bubbly friends, I wasn't sure how I'm feeling about being alone on the Cook Islands. I knew there's no WiFi - what I'll kind of enjoy.

I rented a room over Airbnb and was excited to get the Island shown by a local. Unfortunately she got stuck in NZ for some medical treatment. I was picked up by her neighbours. Peter waited for me at the exit of the airport with a necklace made of flowers. Whilest I waited for my luggage, an old man, wearing a flower printed shirt and a hat covered with flowers, was playing guitar and singin a song in Maori. Later on I read that he've sung to almost every visitor arriving here for the last 35 years.

When Peter brought me to my new home, he explained to me, that Chrissy probably won't make it back before I leave. I'm having a house for myself and should make myself at home.

Exhausted of half sleeping at the airport the last night, I only unpacked my backpack and went for a little walk. To that point I wasn't really taken a back by Rarotonga. The beach close to my house was rocky and was greeted immediately by the shallow, not as green or blue as I expected, water. So there was actually no beach. Tired and hungry I went back to the house. I cooked some pasta, felt asleep when it was still bright outside and woke up eventually. I forgot to set my date and time when I arrived so I had no idea when I actually left the house on the next day.

Before I went to town I did a stopover at Peters and Marks house. "The hot water and the stove isn't working" I told Mark. "And..." I paused, not sure if I should tell him, "...there's a lizard in the living room". "You're in the tropics, sweety." was his simple answer. Fair enough! They're actually quite cute, though it's weird to live with them.

I rented a bike and drove almost 16km (half war of the Island). At the end I treated myself with a coconut cocktail. So far I didn't find a paradise beach. Sweating and exhausted again I came back to the house.

Appropriate to my current life I started reading "Wild - A Journey From Lost To Found". Way too early I felt asleep again and slept for 13 hours. It was cloudy and windy but warm when I woke up. I read a bit, completed my New Zealand maps and did my laundry. I went to the market and bought some fresh, cheap, local fruits.

When I brought back my bike and saw two people my age working in the bikeshop, I decided I had enough of the isolated life (yeah, I could bear it for 2 days). I need people around me. I started a simple conversation and got invited for some drinks with them after work. Tom picked me up with his scooter and showed me - finally - some really nice beaches. He dropped me off at th brewery where I met Steele, the girl who's working at the bike shop again. Chatty as I am, I got along well with her friends and partner. After an hour we made plans to hike on the weekend. Moreover her partner Jerry offered me to go snorkling with him. Awesome!

Once again I just can recommend to travel alone, be open minded, walk with open eyes and became friends with locals.

When Steele dropped me off at home she told me how excited she is to show me the Island. So am I!
We fell in Love
Right by the Ocean
Made all our Plans
Down in the Sand

Besides I learned that a lizard in Maori is called Moko. On that note pō pai - good night

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